Author Topic: Will the STCC ever stop complaining about the Erie Canal Rehabilitation Program?  (Read 53 times)

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Mike, You are probably right about the plant being an invasive species.. remember though.. this group is sure 'if it's green it's good".

Most troubling is the idea that the Canal Corporation isn't warning Erie Canal Trailway "tourists", I just can't believe someone said that. The person who posted that "riding on rocks & mud is not a trail" on the STCC website is simply letting her "inner child" show...  like a 3 year old who keeps asking why, but won't listen. Embankment Rehab work is behind, and notifications are all over.. if you simply look.

The Erie Canal Trail is not the banner said. But that doesn't mean it shouldn't be. I found 4 different places the Canal Corporation tried to warn people using the trail, like Ms. Lucas Smith, that "conditions" may NOT be idea... due to ongoing Embankment Rehabilitation. It's just common sense to those of us living in the "construction zone"... too bad this STCC posting author didn't have a little more.

Erie Canal Trail Condition & Notification was on the NYS Canal Corp page as well as Facebook & Twitter

Twitter had this announcement:

ROCHESTER residents should be asking the STCC, that Stop the Canal Clearcut Facebook group to stop whining about the canal just to hear their own voices.  Especially when the issue they whine about is due to their own inability to understand how to use a web page link or look further than a banner on the top of a project page. Of course the STCC has never been known for fairness, especially to the Canal Corp.

To be FAIR... everyone was informed about trail conditions, I guess those in the STCC are expecting "personal notifications"

Someone... please start a counter-group Facebook group to the STCC.. call it Stop the Canal Complaining

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