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A new wave or is it a tsunami?


Michael Caswell:
My property is on the canal, with a great view. I expect to pay a little more for that privilege, but the recent hike in property tax because of what I consider a frivolous waste of money on the school budget ( a mere $65,000,000), I started to look at what was going on.

Monroe public records show that in 2004, the taxes on my house were $3050. In 2014 they were $11266, in 2019 they were $13129.  Those increases average out to a rise of $635 each and every year, and this is before my share of the $65,000,000 is added.

Where will it end?  Is it going to stop? Please tell me someone is going to apply some brakes here and apply some common sense and stop these increases!

No answers?  None of our government officials have anything to say? No ideas?

If that is the case, then lets assume the increases will continue at a similar rate, a rise of $635 each year.
 fairport taxes.xlsx (10.14 kB - downloaded 6 times.)

In 2030 the taxes on my property will be $18934 a year, or $364 a week.

I think this will make my property's value decrease as there will be many less people willing to take on this burden. At the least, it will negatively effect my property and it won't increase as fast as many others.  It's an inheritance my children probably don't want, and likely many other families in the village will feel the same way.
People are leaving New York in droves because of these outrageous taxes. I'm too old to want to pick up and move, and why should I? I like my house and spent lots of time getting it the way I wanted it. But, I, like so many others, never expected this tax Tsunami to hit me.

I know several neighbors who have moved or are thinking of moving because of these outrageous taxes. Many seniors are on a fixed budget, and have been effectively thrown out of their homes. Doesn't anyone realise how devastating this is?

Doug K:
Best remedy for this issue has already been figured out

Michael Caswell:
So, how far out of whack are the taxes in Fairport?  Let's compare them with all the other Erie Canal shore side towns.

Doug K:
The subject line for this post, is the question EVERY person living in ANY Town & Village along the Erie Canal should be asking... just insert your town's name instead of Perinton.

Why you ask? Because the numbers don't lie, and they tell a story about what everyone knows is our States biggest problem... over-taxation. That is the reason MOST sighted by those who are leaving this state, it's too expensive, taxes are too high, and it seems there is nothing that can be done about it.

Until now... Now is the time to stand up for Fair Taxation for NY Canal Villages

What you can NOT see in the graph Mike has shown already, is WHO actually picks up those daily Town & Village costs. Not who specifically, but who as in the number of residents for each of those Towns & Villages that has to come up with tax money to pay for these LOCAL Government bodies. Those numbers will surprise many of you, and should have some asking the same question... Is this type of "selective taxation" Fair?

Take a look and ask yourself what is wrong with this picture...once you see how disproportional the cost of running local government is in your own town or village. Why should Village Residents be asked to carry the cost of 2 square miles of Town land themselves, when most of the Town residents come and go in that village without having to pay a dime?

Our NY State Legislature didn't think this type of EXPENSIVE & redundant government, the Village Level, was necessary anymore or that taxing only a handful of Town Residents to pay for that government was fair. That is why they enacted the NYS Government Reorganization & Citizens Empowerment Act in 2010, to point out the issues with inefficient NY Government, and give the NY "village citizens", those unfortunate people still stuck paying for it, a way OUT!

If you want to have a voice in "local" government here is everyone's chance to do that, especially if you live in an Incorporated NY Village.

It's time to put your own Village Dissolution up for a Vote in 2020 and ASK your Local Village Leadership to do the work to understand what would be gained, and what would be lost if the Village level of Government simply consolidated with the Town. Each resident should be asking if their village is being properly supported by ALL residents in that township, are all Town taxpayers being treated fairly?

Go here to learn more about NYS Government Reorganization and Citizen Empowerment Laws and read about what's at stake for us all.

In a nutshell, the NY Government Reorganization law is asking for a whole layer of "management" to be taken away from NY State Tax Scrolls. That can be done by either having Village Officials agree with the findings of the New York lawmakers and reduces the size of government voluntarily to help cut taxes, or the CITIZENS become empowered and believe that reducing layers of government is a way to cut taxes and they FORCE the Village to consider consolidation or dissolving by asking for a VOTE on the idea.

NY State Lawmakers have already laid out the reasons for Village Dissolution, they have also changed the law to make it easier to do. And they will even offer to help Villages with their plans. As a reward, the Towns who have recently gone though a Village Dissolution, are now eligible for additional State Aid that is not available to other Townships.

It a Win-Win-Win-Win... The State get's taxes reduced overall, Counties only have Cities & Towns to legislate with, Towns get Bonus Budget dollars for their budgets and ex-Village residents see a 60-75% reduction in the Property Tax Bills. 

Of course there are those who will never see this as good for NY... or their village. They will complain about their own taxes having to go up 2-3% because they've finally been asked to pay for the Village where they shop, dine and go get an ice cream cone.

There are those who will claim it's the end of the world if the Village is gone, citing everything that will be lost but showing no conclusive evidence to support those claims. Fear-mongering will become the best defense for those fighting Village dissolution, but it won't work in the end... because if it wasn't a good idea it wouldn't have made it into law. How many companies save cost doing this same thing with middle management?

Actually we need look no further than Seneca Falls, Lyons, and Macedon for the REAL answer to NYS Government Reorganization & Citizens Empowerment and what the result will be. Each of these three Villages figured it out, they came up with plans that worked. Most LEADERS in these villages and towns are glad they did dissolve and their residents are as well. Some have said it should have been done sooner, and that it had benefits that many never expected... like an END to the constant "bickering" between Towns & Villages Officials. They all learned to work together, once it was obvious that the RESIDENTS wanted the Village to go... because is the end, it was citizen empowerment that made it happen.

Maybe some local Villages & Towns are up to the challenges here, after all the graph I've shared also points out how the cold hard fact that a few Towns & Village Governments have become quite "comfortable" taking advantage of it's captive taxpaying "customers". They are running at much higher rates and in some cases Village Govt cost exceed that of the Town per day. Perhaps Towns will rally to block the dissolutions

In the end though the NYS Government Reorganization & Citizens Empowerment Law will rely on the latter part of it's title to make a difference along the Erie Canal... Citizen Empowerment. And it's the village citizens who will apply the pressure to do the right thing.

What do YOU think?


Doug K:
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