Author Topic: CORBY Loses Pittsford Village Mayoral Election!  (Read 28 times)

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CORBY Loses Pittsford Village Mayoral Election!
« on: March 18, 2021, 09:34:48 am »

By the way, Pittsford Village is just under 1400 residents (2019), and 25% are not yet voting age, so 430 votes for this election is about 41% of the voting Village Residents. Now for the REAL discussion, because with a stated total resident population of approximately 1400 people, one has to ask the hard questions:

Why on earth does this Pittsford village perpetuate this total waste of taxpayer money?

Especially when NYS Legislators are asking Village Governments, like this one, to consolidate with their nearest Towns Government to help remove REDUNDANT layers of government in our State.

Obviously the residents could care less about having a village government, or more than 40% of the people would have turned out.

Obviously, those who did turn out have grown tired of Mr. Corby, and his antics as Mayor of their Village, and maybe tired of the whole Village Government.

So why did Mayor Bob lose his job?

Perhaps it's was his complete lack of concern about the welfare of the folks that live under the threat of flood from dangerous dams along the canal?

Perhaps it's was because of his inability to adapt to advancing technology & the changing times?

Perhaps it's was as Mayor, he sided with a group of irrational folks on Facebook, who prefer canal path shade to saving Village lives.

I wonder what the new Pittsford Mayor's position will be on all these matters?

This is BIG news, folks.

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