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Village of Brockport Raises Taxes
« on: April 15, 2020, 10:36:01 am »
In keeping with the theme of Mike Caswell's post, this isn't an "eastside" village tax issue. Out of control Village Government is a BIG problem these days..with NO end in sight. Here's Brockport's Proposed Village Budget, fiscal year 2020-2021

Now it's really easy for people to blindly say things like "It's a Village and it's there for residents". Or "It's the price you pay to have "Village Life". Bullcrap!

I took a good hard look at Brockport's Village Budget...sadly the COMMUNITY has been left OUT at the EXPENSE of Village Employees.

Here's how Brockport Village Budget is spending it's 2.3% INCREASE from Village Taxpayers

Digging just a little more you see this, the Village has CUT services to the Community in order to fund Employees, Benefits, and the Dept of Public Works:

And finally you see the real reason for the extra's all about Village ELECTED Officials hiring even MORE people paid with taxpayer dollars, to do the actual work. When is enough, enough? When will Village Residents realize what's going on and ask for the State-Funded Village Reorganization Plan to be done?

You can see the FULL Brockport Village PROPOSED Budget here:

And please folks, do NOT forget this:  The Town of Sweden already provides these same services, using Town Employees, that we are ALL paying for already through our County Tax bills every February. You can see their Information on the Town of Sweden Budget here:

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For those of you saying "What can I do about high taxes" here's a start.

Email your MAYOR and ask WHY more isn't being done to lower taxes. Ask why he or she is NOT initiating a New York State Government Reorganization Study for your Village. It's free, and will show all taxpayers, and the village leadership EXACTLY where changes can be made to fix over-taxation, to fix redundant services, and to consolidate where possible with the Town to lower Village Taxes to almost ZERO.

Here's my letter that went out TODAY... because it's time for EMPOWERED CITIZENS to reign in out of control VILLAGE governments.


I missed the Budget Meeting last week, too many irons in the fire that day. But I have two questions you may want to find answers to as Village Budgets will become hot topics in 2020.

1) Will the Village of Brockport Elected Officials consider following the recommendations of New York State Lawmakers, by complying with the Government Reorganization and Citizen Empowerment Act, and having a NY Village Reorganization Plan created to reduce this proposed Village Budget to Zero Dollars per Villages Taxpayer?

If the answer is No, I have a second question... please.

2) Why would elected Village Officials force village residents to undertake the more complicated method of conducting the Elector-Initiated Village Reorganization Study & Plan when their state leadership, New York Lawmakers, have already told village taxpayers that this Village tax burden is no longer required, and actually adds to the over-Taxation problem in our state?

Are you working in the best interest of the public you serve, or for your own self-interests making this new budget? It's getting harder to tell the more I've been reading about the NY State Government Reorganization folks may want to read this opinion piece. It's about the reality of what the Erie Canal created over 200 years of its life, including too many small governments that are no longer needed.

The ECNA has shared information & facts about Embankment Dam Safety to the public, so that intelligent decisions can be made about clearing earthen dams. We've done a good job of that, and that work continues as the new Canal Embankment Program continues where the original project left off.

We are doing the same work with the NYS Government Reorganization Act. Itís about information & TRUE facts and getting those in front of the public in a way they can related to. We are putting all information, all facts & truth, into one place, one location that can be used by those seeking tax "fairness" in NY State villages. We are also working with a few empowered citizens to take charge and ask their village leaders to consider following the suggestions of NYS Lawmakers to reduce costs.

And the message of expensive redundant government is ringing loud & clear

If you'd like to talk about this please reach out. We'd rather work together for the best solution for all, in the best interest of NY taxpayers, which is the essence of the Government Reorganization and Citizen Empowerment Act.

Our goal is simple in the ECNA, request the FREE Village Government Reorganization Study to be performed (per the GRACE Act guidelines) from Elected Village Officials along the Erie Canal Corridor. Easier if the Village Leaders request it, but if needed it will be through Elector-Initiated means. That choice can be avoided, but is up to you folks.

One of these methods SERVES the public better than the other. One only serves to DIVIDE village residents, leaders, and townspeople. Asking if you and the Village of Brockport leadership will consider the best choice for Brockport Village residents and do it voluntarily.

Thank you for your time.

Doug Kucmerowski
Erie Canal Neighbors Association Co-Founder
Brockport Village Resident (25 years)

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Of course the Mayor of Brockport has replied to earlier email questions regarding Village Reorganization and the Brockport Village 2020-21 Budget Plan.

She chose to include the Brockport Village Board members in her message which I have posted below.

And you will see my reply as well.

Brockport Village Residents should take this email from the Mayor as a "wake up call", the village is broken!

The mayor's reply is basically this: The Village of Brockport has NO PLANS to use the free offer from the NYS GRACE laws, to obtain a Government Reorganization Study on how the village might reorganize and possibly save the taxpayers a little money. She stated that she knows about the GRACE work as well, and doesn't seem concerned about even discussing my original questions on budget.

Oddly she starts discussing Village Dissolution, which was NOT my question and NEVER mentioned in my initial email... so let's read between the lines.

One has to assume that the Mayor of Brockport, AND the Village Board understand that the state-funded Village Reorganization Study might mean that the village may have to go. After all that was the REASON for the GRACE law in the first place, and the REASON why the Village Leaders all simply want to ignore it exists.

Mayor Blackman's final statement brings up the only defense, that a "majority" of Village Residents voted against the last Referendum to initiate a Village Reorganization study for total dissolution twice. Of course only about half the village voted and it was a slim margin that saved the village from dissolution in 2016.

So then if that's the case, if the Mayor AND the Village Board of Brockport really believe they have the VILLAGE RESIDENTS behind them, then they should be willing to test that theory... right?

Why doesn't the Village Board & Mayor simply INITIATE the STUDY and then let the VOTERS once again have their say?

This time the village would actually be able to SEE a Reorganization Plan, and judge for themselves if it's a good plan, what it includes and what will be gained and lost. NY State Lawmakers have already said that Village Taxes might be ELIMINATED, Let's get a chance to see what the REAL plan might say, and then if we like it, it passes. Let's see what really happens to the Brockport Police Dept, not what some have stated already, that it will go. Let's actually see how much money Village Taxpayers can SAVE, let's see the details of OUR actual Village Reorg plan, so we can all discuss the facts and decide what's best for the village & it's taxpayers.

After all, the Mayor, and Village Board, seems to have no problems asking village taxpaying residents to fork over the $16,500 per day they want to run the Village and all the "amenities" we get. SIXTEEN THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS PER DAY...say it. It's TRUE! That is what the $6 million dollar Brockport Village budget is if you divide by 365... people WAKE UP!

And if the MAYOR is correct about TAXPAYERS not wanting lower taxes then all those Village Residents who LIKE THEIR VILLAGE & TAXES can rise up and vote AGAINST the Reorganization Plan and save the village from Consolidation with the Town of Sweden or Village Dissolution. Let's END all of this debate, all this Town-Village animosity and simply REQUEST the Reorganization Study and see what the Final Plan looks like.

At a minimum it will end all the conflict & division in our community about this whole topic, because the truth will finally be shared.

Why Brockport will NEVER see a Village Reorganization Plan:

The Mayor is against this GRACE Act funded Reorganization Study & Plan request. It's not about helping village residents, it's only about keeping the status quo.

The current Mayor is also the most vocal cheerleader of what will be lost if the Village Dissolves. She has warned residents of all the things that will be lost which is all conjecture without an ACTUAL Village Reorganization Plan. We have all heard that the Police Dept will go, which may not be true. Towns can have a Police Dept, look at Ogden. We've heard that all the Village Events will go, but they won't as long as the Town agrees to help sponsor them.

And the Brockport Mayor won't tell you that she doesn't want to lose her job...really. Just like all the rest of the Village Board that keeps itself busy and feeling important and TAXPAYERS EXPENSE! This isn't about serving the best interests of the public in Brockport, it's about Village Leadership that has become a "self-perpetuating tax-sucking machine".

And actually the outcome of the Brockport Village Reorganization Study might mean that the Village would be better to consolidate and keep some of the current Village positions, but move them to the run under Town Supervision. But we can't know any of this unless the Mayor, or the VOTERS act.

As long as ELECTED Village Officials are allowed to put self-preservation over public service the hope of getting tax relief is only in Village Voter Hands.

Here's the email exchange to date, you judge for yourself who's thinking out for the BEST INTERESTS of the Village Residents.

Want to learn more? Go see our website -


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