Author Topic: How Local Village police might state their case against GRACE Dissolution  (Read 19 times)

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No one disputes local village police departments don't do a good job, and it doesn't really matter which village is used as an example. They tend to use a Police Blotter to show their call logs and point at that to justify their existence and tax burden to their local village constituents.

The problem is simple. 

Many villages pay a big price for police. We need them to keep those who wish to wander from the straight and narrow straight. We use them in life & death emergencies, first responders helping stranded motorists, stopping wife beatings, even putting their lives on the line, you name it, they do it, every time. Precious people.

Our problem is, as tax payers, we are also paying the Monroe County Sheriff and the NYS State Troopers to do the same job. And they have stated plainly that if Fairport didn't have it's own Police force they are obligated top step in and take their place. It's not the village police who are at fault, or the Sheriff or State Trooper. It is the elected Village OFFICIALS who set up this ridiculous state of affairs, in the first place.

We can't afford two or three layers of police, and this is the most expensive line item on the budget.

Lets face it, those towns using just Sheriff departments to police are doing just fine. They are just as competent as any Village police department. For village police to brag about their work load in an attempt to justify their existence is demeaning to the local Monroe County Sheriff department.

So if you are, against all advice, going to keep a village police force, then it's obvious that you have to not pay for the County Sheriff policing. So how do you do that?  I am just asking.

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